Becca & Sara at L.L. BeanWelcome to

What' new? Well, we are transitioning into parenthood - as Becca starts phasing out of the professional world. She sold her Rumford Curves franchise leaving her with the Barrington franchise (which is also for sale).

Sara is doing great. At the last check, she was 13 lbs. 6 oz. at her 5 month checkup. She is rolling over, laughing (at us!), and eating rice cereal. She is sleeping from about 10:00 PM to about 7:30 AM most nights (yeah for us!). Other than that, she is pretty much trying to keep up with Mommy on her trips to Curves and to the grandparents. We went camping this summer and in December she will take her first airplane trip - to Vegas! Maybe she'll win big!

Other than that, we have been doing all the standard house things, cleaning, working in the yard, cleaning, still hanging window treatments, cleaning... well, you get the picture.

Both sets of grandparents, both Grammy & Grampy and Witzy & Zoom-zoom, are doing well. My sister is buying a new house (for when Sara doesn't want to be with her parents).

Well, enjoy the pictures and let us know when you can come visit!

-Jeff & Becca